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Ever since our inception, we have been defined by strategic thinking, seeking out new ventures and operating through smart growth. As we continuously forge and develop our company culture, competencies and know-how, we now feel we have reached a point where we need to go through a more significant piece of evolution.

Being gamers and gaming in general has been a major principle for us since 2016, when Esport Universum was just a plan. We believed we could build a great company on top of our love for competitive gaming, business approach and the belief in great teams. It all started with videogame and esports projects, managing events and giving professional advice, out of which a true gamer agency skyrocketed with its own studio complex and a creative, professional mindset that, based on partner feedback, is still prominent in the region. As a result, we quickly started working with the biggest companies related to the videogame industry both in the country and abroad. The success we had throughout the years naturally pushed us to pursue bigger and more complex projects down the road.

We put tremendous effort and years of R&D into developing our own solutions and services. A couple of years ago we created our first products: Fusion Network, focusing on community marketing and communications, and Gameathlon, targeting gamified activities and marketing.

While more and more of our partners saw the potential in gaming-related marketing and business solutions, even more of them saw the opportunity in us to forge various experiences beyond gaming. As of today, we are no longer “just” a gamer agency, and instead, we have become more of a creative agency, planning and executing various entertainment and interactive projects. 

During the past year both our current and new partners reached out to us with cutting-edge ideas, exciting and innovative activities. Armed with our experience of show-like and entertaining esports broadcasting, we stepped into the world of virtual events. Meanwhile, due to our expertise in gamification, we managed to branch into new areas of business, supporting corporate HR initiatives with high success, which led to creating a new product family, CLERS.

Our innovative, state of the art solutions are turning more and more heads and as a result of this heightened attention, we decided to up our game too. We learned new competencies and created more focused internal divisions, resulting in the Product Design arm of our business that helps our partners fill their products and services with life while supporting them to make sure they are successful.

While our roots still tie us to esports and gaming, our endavours are not only related to video games any more. As a result, we have decided to honour this growth and development with a new company name that stems from our past success, and also, reflects our future goals and ambition.

Therefore, as an interactive agency, we continue our work as Universum 8 to infinity and beyond...

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